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Weight Watchers Program

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Who are Weight Watchers?

Founded in the early 1960s by Jean Nidetch, Weight Watchers runs one of the most popular worldwide weight loss programs and it has a proven 40 year track record of helping dieters to lose weight. It has a global network of classes or meetings involving 25 million people per week, and their official website gives details of all services, including:

  • Weight Watchers Meetings
  • Weight Watchers Winning Points plan
  • Weight Watchers Products
  • Weight Watchers Magazine
  • Weight Watchers Online services
  • Weight Watchers e Tools

How Weight Watchers™ works

The Weight Watchers program is based on calorie-reduction, using the Weight Watchers  points system. No foods are forbidden, although you are restricted to a certain number of daily 'points'.

Weight Watchers Meetings or Weight Watchers Online™

Most dieters follow the Weight Watchers program by joining a weekly class, where they meet other dieters, exchange ideas and receive support and advice from the class organizer. However, Weight Watchers also provides an online at-home program.

Weight loss with Weight Watchers™

The Weight Watchers program does not offer fast weight loss, but it's predicted average weight loss of about 2 pounds a week is the accepted maximum. Go any faster and you'll regain it all.

Useful starting point

For many dieters, Weight Watchers is a very useful starting point. It provides enormous support and a lot of sound advice. And there are classes throughout the world. However, like all weight loss programs, it has it's drawbacks.

Drawbacks to Weight Watchers™

1. Points/Calorie-counting has it's limits
Calorie-counting does raise our awareness of the relative calorific value of foods. However, calorie content is only one standard of measurement. (A candy bar may contain the same calories/points as a large sandwich, but it's not as healthy or nutritious.) So as well as counting Weight Watchers points, you should be careful to develop healthy eating habits which will help you to lose weight and maintain your health.

2. Points/Calorie-counting is only temporary
It's difficult to continue counting calories for the rest of your life. There comes a time when you must be able to survive without your Weight Watchers points manual.

3. Class attendance
Many dieters obtain great benefits from meeting other dieters and talking through their problems. But some find it less beneficial. Much depends on the personality and experience of the Weight Watchers meeting-organizer. If you are especially sensitive about your weight, it might be best to leave the class before the discussion period, or skip classes altogether and consider joining the Weight Watchers at-home program, instead. (Weight Watchers Online program starts at about $44 for a standard monthly plan.)

4. Cost
At between $10 and $15 a class, plus a joining fee, this can mount up. Also, in some countries, Weight Watchers operates a policy of charging for 'missed' classes. (In the USA, class membership may lapse after 4 missed classes.) So it's worth checking the details before you start.

Overall verdict
An excellent and proven diet program.


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