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The Three Hour Diet

Eat Every Three Hours For Optimum Weight Loss

Written by fitness author Jorge Cruise, "The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin" is a weight loss book with a distinct message: regular eating every 3 hours keeps your metabolic rate as high as possible, thus helping you to burn calories at the fastest possible rate.

Metabolism Key to Weight Loss Says Three Hour Diet

Jorge Cruise is dedicated to reducing obesity levels. One of biggest problems, he believes, is that dieters don't eat often enough. Result? Their body goes into starvation
mode (meaning, it lowers its metabolic rate) in order to conserve calories. At best this slows down weight reduction; at worst it leads to loss of muscle-mass as the body burns muscle calories, in order to preserve its most precious asset - body fat. Burning muscle tissue lowers metabolic rate even further. This is why diets and dieting are typically ineffective, and why obesity levels remain sky high.

Eat Every Three Hours

In the "Three Hour Diet", Jorge Cruise tells dieters to eat something at least every three hours. Breakfast might be fruit with bread and a ham-cheese omelet; a mid-morning snack might be a low-carb bar; lunch might be a chicken enchilada, rice and salad; a mid-afternoon snack might be fruit; dinner might be salmon with vegetables and rice, followed (3 hours later) by dessert or another snack.

Portions Count, Foods Don't

The three basic meals are planned according to Cruise's 3-Hour Plate™ system - a visual representation of how big a portion of carbohydrate, fat and protein you should eat at each of the meals. Calorie content of each meal is about 400 calories. Add two snacks of about 100 calories each, plus an end-of-day treat of 50 calories, for a total daily energy intake of about 1450 calories. There are no forbidden foods on the Three Hour Diet.

Calorie Intakes For Petite or Obese

Dieters who weigh 200+ pounds may eat extra snacks; dieters of 300+ pounds receive a further snack allowance. Women under 5 feet 3 inches tall and 150 pounds should eat 200 fewer calories, by halving their 400 breakfast calorie allowance.

Jorge Cruise's 3-Hour Plate™ System

A central feature of the Three Hour Diet is Jorge Cruise's 3-Hour Plate™ system. To understand this, visualize a nine-inch plate. On the plate there are four main items:

  • A Rubik's cube representing how much carbohydrate to eat at each meal.
  • A deck of playing cards representing how much protein to eat at each meal.
  • A water bottle cap (just over 1 tsp) representing how much fat to eat at each meal.
  • Three DVD cases representing how much fruits or vegetables to eat at each meal.

The point of the 3-Hour Plate™ system is twofold: to illustrate food serving sizes, and to ensure that each basic nutrient (carbs, protein, fat, fruit/veg) is present at each meal.

Convenience or Fast Foods

The Three Hour Diet includes lists of fast food items you can eat from MacDonald's, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway, to name but a few. In addition, the diet features a list of balanced frozen meals that fit the portion system.

Emotional Eating

One chapter in the Three Hour Diet covers emotional eating, meaning when we eat for reasons other than hunger. Dieters who find themselves turning to food for a solution should instead, Cruise suggests, turn to people instead. Meaning, they should substitute people-support for food-support.

Details of Diet Book

The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin (Hardcover)
by Jorge Cruise. List Price: $24.95. Also available at Amazon.

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