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Copper: Daily Needs

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Recommended Daily Allowance for Copper

Copper is an essential trace element for humans. The body of an average adult contains between 75-150mg - half in the skeleton and muscles, a further 10 percent is found in the liver, with further amounts in the brain,kidney and heart. Much of the copper we ingest comes from non-food sources. See Sources. Also present in cigarettes and forms of the birth control pill. Most of us are unlikely to suffer from deficiency of this mineral.

Copper: Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

US RDA: Women: 900mcg/day Men: 900mcg/day
EU RDA: 1.2mg

Functions of Copper in Diet

Copper is needed to convert the body's iron into hemoglobin. In addition, it is a co-factor for many enzymes, including those needed for skin and hair health, protection against toxins and infection, brain function and bone health. It is also needed for the proper synthesis of vitamin C. Most of us are not likely to suffer from deficiency since much of our water supplies are contaminated by copper piping. On the other hand, there are two hereditary diseases (Wilson's disease and Indian childhood cirrhosis) that cause the body to retain excessive amounts of copper. Both need medical treatment.

People Who Need More Copper in Diet

- People living on a highly refined diet
- People suffering from chronic diarrhoea
- People on high phytic acid diets (eg. wheat flour)
- People taking exccesive doses of zinc

Nutrition Resources About Copper

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