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Maker's Diet Review By Jordan S. Rubin

Review of the Maker's Diet

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The Maker's Diet

Written by Jordan S.Rubin, this diet and health program - which is grounded in the Bible and advocates organic foods - claims that "in as little as 40 days, The Maker's Diet' can transform the way you eat and live." Given the difficulties that dieters typically have in complying with diets - no matter whether low-carb, low-fat or just plain low-calorie - this is quite an interesting claim.

Maker's Diet - Eat Natural Food

The recommended eating plan includes whole, organic foods like berries, broccoli, cauliflower, grains, grapes, legumes (beans), nuts and seeds. Dieters may add red meat, starchy carbs, natural fats such as those found in fish, cod liver oil, as well as saturated fat found naturally in butters, cheeses, milk, and cream. However, many of these foods must be eaten unprocessed, unrefined, and untreated with pesticides or hormones. Starches and sugars are permissable as long as they are eaten in an unrefined form, examples of which include oats, barley, whole grain sourdough bread and brown rice.

Maker's Diet - Not Just About Eating and Dieting

The Maker's Diet covers more than dietary issues. It also offers advice on a variety of cleansing and anti-infection health-related matters. So as well as adopting healthy eating habits, dieters should beware of antiperspirants, fluoride toothpaste, daily showers, cell-phones and contact lenses. Long distance walking is approved as is daily prayer. The diet also advocates partial fast days each week, in each of its phases.

Maker's Diet Stages

The diet is divided into three, two-week stages. The first stage is most restrictive as it bans many regular dairy foods, many oils and fats, all carbs as well as chlorinated tap water. Gradually the diet becomes less restrictive and permits red meat, carbs, and saturated fats.

Maker's Diet - Supplements Essential

Despite its focus on organic wholefoods, the Maker's Diet says that certain dietary and cleansing supplements are essential. For example, extra-virgin coconut oil (which is 90 percent saturated fat) is stated to be a "healthier oil". We know of no clinical diet trials that corroborate this. Furthermore, most nutritionists and dietitians regard nutritional supplements (or cleansing supplements) as unnecessary for anyone who eats a healthy diet with sufficient dietary fiber.

Maker's Diet - How Much Weight Do You Lose?

According to Rubin, "While most people lose an average of 10 to 15 pounds in the first 40 days, The Maker's Diet goes far beyond a weight loss program, providing people with a lifelong roadmap for achieving and maintaining total wellness."

Maker's Diet - Our Opinion

Judged as an attempt to improve general health as well as daily eating habits, rather than simply a weight loss diet, the Maker's Diet offers much sensible advice which will definitely make you healthier - and maybe happier. More controversial is the requirement for dieters to buy supplements. As for linking a healthy diet to God, or the Bible, we prefer not to comment one way or the other.

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