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Side Effects of Diet Pills

There are many different brands of diet or weight loss pills. Most of them have side-effects. These can include uncontrolled bowel movements, intestinal gas, stomach discomfort, insomnia and fatigue. Certain pills have been known to cause heart damage, brain damage and severe depression.

The Big Question About Diet Pills

The question about diet pills is, do the benefits outweigh the risks?

  • If you are very seriously overweight, say 300 pounds or more, the answer may be Yes.
  • If you are not very seriously overweight but simply have difficulty dieting, the answer may be No.
  • If in doubt, consult your doctor and get a full explanation of your options.

Xenical and Chitosan Weight Loss Pills

Although Xenical is prescription-only, while Chitosan is available over the counter, both work in a similar way. According to the manufacturers, these pills operate in our intestines and help to prevent some of the fat we eat from being absorbed into our body. This undigested fat is then excreted in our bowel movements. By thus reducing the amount of fat we absorb, these pills hope to make it easier for us to lose weight. Xenical users are also advised to follow a reduced calorie diet.

Do they work?
There is no clear evidence to suggest that these weight loss pills have any sort of lasting effect on weight loss. Moreover, some pill-manufacturers have themselves stated that there are no guarantees as to their effectiveness. On the other hand, the side-effects are well known and frequently unpleasant.

If you are very seriously overweight and can't control your fat intake, you may decide to give these diet pills a try. However, you may also have to follow a reduced calorie diet, and you probably will experience a range of fairly unpleasant side-effects, so don't expect an easy ride. 

Other diet pills
There are several other diet pills. One group is designed to suppress hunger signals from the brain, thus fooling us into eating less. Another group aims to help us burn up calories faster.

Do they work?
Once again, there is no clear evidence to suggest that these diet pills have any sort of lasting effect on weight loss. True, new generations of weight loss pills are appearing with fewer side-effects, but as yet there is no safe and effective cure for the problem of obesity, other than dietary methods.

If you are very seriously overweight, then instead of spending large amounts of money searching for a magic weight loss pill, concentrate on finding a proper diet and support group to help you achieve lasting results.

The Final Word
If you are determined to take a course of diet pills, please follow these recommendations:

  • Always consult your doctor before starting.

  • Always follow the manufacturers instructions.

  • Do not stay on them indefinitely. Consult your doctor regularly.


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