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Ketogenic Diets

Ketosis Caused by Ketogenic Diets Burns Body Fat

Ketogenic diets are typically low-carb diet-plans that trigger a process called ketosis - defined as an accumulation of excessive amounts of ketone bodies in body tissues and fluids. The idea behind ketogenic diets (typically quite low-calorie diet programs) is to force the body to lose weight by burning body fat.

Are Ketogenic Diets Healthy

Ketosis is not an uncommon condition. The human body is in a state of ketosis quite often. So whether ketogenic diets are healthy or unhealthy is unlikely to be due purely to ketosis per se. Ketogenic diet health is more likely to revolve around the health risks associated with lack of vitamins and minerals caused by insufficient carbs - after all, carbohydrates are a rich source of micro-nutrients and other nutrition, like fiber. Lack of diet nutrition in low carb ketogenic diets is one reason why Atkins Diet recommends so many vitamin supplements.

Ketogenic Diet Study

This study of ketogenic diet versus "mixed diet" sought to test the efficacy of a ketogenic diet for weight loss in seven obese, active-duty male Naval officers. The diet consisted of 10 days of fasting, 4 days on a 1,000-calorie “mixed diet” and 10 days on a ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet was a 1,000-calorie program composed of 82 percent fat, 14 percent protein and 4 percent carbohydrate. The average weight loss for individuals in the fasting phase was 21 pounds.

While on the ketogenic diet, individuals’ lost an average of 14.6 pounds. Although more weight was lost while fasting, 64.6 percent of this loss represented lean muscle mass. In contrast, during the ketogenic phase of the diet, only 0.4 pounds of lean muscle mass was lost. Therefore, nearly all of the weight lost on the ketogenic diet was body fat. During the fasting phase, individuals lost an average of 15.1 grams of potassium but no potassium loss occurred during the ketogenic diet. The authors concluded that the ketogenic diet produced striking, consistent weight losses predominantly from body fat and the diet itself was well accepted by the subjects.

Source for Ketogenic Diet Study:
Benoit, F.L., Martin, R.L., Watten, R.H., "Changes in Body Composition During Weight Reduction in Obesity: Balance Studies Comparing Effects of Fasting and a Ketogenic Diet," Annals of Internal Medicine, 63(4), 1965, pages 604-612.

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