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How Healthy Are Your Eating Habits?

How healthy is your diet? Do you eat nutritious foods? Are you eating healthy carbs, good protein and healthy fats? Find out by answering the following questions about your regular diet.

Note: Select the answer that most accurately reflects your dietary habits. If no answer is representative, choose the one closest to your normal eating habits.

Does Your Daily Diet Include Enough Fruits and Vegetables?

(a) I eat at least 5 servings a day.
(b) I eat about 3 servings a day.
(c) I eat fruit and vegetables occasionally.

Does Your Daily Diet Include Healthy Carbohydrates? (white flour/grains)

(a) I regularly eat whole grains like whole wheat bread, brown rice and oats.
(b) I eat some whole grains, but I prefer white rice and regular white bread.
(c) I usually eat white rice, regular bread and breakfast cereal.

Does Your Daily Diet Include Healthy Protein?

(a) I eat regular fish, skinless poultry, lean meat, some eggs, and I include vegetarian protein like soybeans.
(b) I eat lots of red meat, eggs and poultry.
(c) I eat lots of eggs, fried chicken and hamburgers.

Does Your Daily Diet Include Healthy Fats?

(a) I use butter/margarine sparingly, I eat oily fish twice a week, I avoid chicken skin, I always trim fat from meat, and I use canola or extra virgin olive oil. I use lower-fat mayo and I rarely eat things like cakes, cookies, crackers, fries, pies or regular popcorn.
(b) My diet includes animal fats like butter, chicken skin, meat-fat but in modest amounts. I use olive oil and some regular mayo, as well as an occasional serving of fries, cookies and regular popcorn.
(c) I use the cheapest cooking oil, I eat lots of delicious butter, mayo and chicken wings.
My diet also includes regular items like cakes, cookies, crackers, fries, pies and popcorn.

Do You Eat Lower Fat Meats?

(a) On my diet, I eat fish twice a week, one vegetarian main meal, otherwise mostly lean chicken, turkey or lean red meat like steak.
(b) All of my main meals include either red meat or poultry, although I buy leaner cuts.
(c) I eat hamburgers, fried chicken, big steaks or other red meat.

Do You Eat Low-Fat Dairy Foods?

(a) On my diet, I always choose low-fat or fat-free dairy foods.
(b) Some of my dairy foods are low-fat.
(c) I rarely choose low-fat or fat-free.

Is Your Diet Healthy For Your Heart?

(a) I eat moderate amounts of cheese and red meat, very few cakes, cookies, crackers, fries, pies or regular popcorn.
(b) I eat tons of cheese and some red meat. I eat some cakes, cookies, crackers, fries, pies or regular popcorn.
(c) I eat tons of cheese and red meat. I also regularly eat cakes, cookies, crackers, fries, pies or regular popcorn.

Do You Go Very Long Without Eating?

(a) I try to eat something every three hours.
(b) I often go 4-5 hours without eating.
(c) I often eat nothing between breakfast and my evening meal.

Does Your Diet Include Healthy Beverages?

(a) I drink water, low-fat milk or fruit juice.
(b) I usually drink diet-sodas, or fruit drinks.
(c) I usually drink regular sodas.

Do You Eat Healthy Servings?

(a) I eat reasonable servings of food. If I'm full, I'll stop eating.
(b) I eat reasonably large servings and I always clean my plate.
(c) I often have second helpings and I occasionally binge-eat.

Do You Eat Healthy Snacks?

(a) I snack on fruit, nuts and occasionally on cereal bars that are low in sugar.
(b) I eat cereal bars, popcorn and some fruit.
(c) I eat bread snacks like bagels and muffins, pastries, popcorn and bars.

Do You Limit Your Intake of Fast Food?

(a) On my diet, I eat fast food or pizza once a fortnight.
(b) I eat fast food or take-out pizza at least once a week.
(c) I eat fast food more than once a week.

Do You Drink Alcohol in Moderation?

(a) As a woman, I limit myself to a maximum of one alcoholic drink per day.
(b) I don't drink much during the week, but I usually have 5-6 drinks on a Saturday.
(c) I often drink 5-6 drinks or more, two evenings a week.

Results of Eating Habits Quiz

Score 4 points for each (a) answer; 2 points for each (b); 1 point for each (c).

30+ Points
Congratulations! Your diet and eating habits are very good, which means you are certain to be getting all your nutrients, and your weight is probably well under control.

25-29 Points
Your eating habits are generally good. In general, your diet nutrition is probably quite adequate and you are unlikely to be more than a few pounds overweight, if at all.

18-24 Points
Sounds like you love your food! But it might be worth making a few changes to your eating habits. See our Diet Nutrition page. Point is, a few small dietary changes can make a huge effort to your health as well as your weight. Good luck!

17 Points or Less
This is quite a stringent diet quiz, so don't feel bad! But if you want to have lots of energy, a healthy metabolism and a great body shape, it might be a good idea to take a close look at what you are eating. A useful first-step is to keep a food journal. For 7 days, keep a daily record of what you eat. Then compare it with the information on these pages: Healthy Eating, Healthy Diet Plan, Healthy Diet Meals. If you are worried about your weight, check out our reviews of the two Best Diets.

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