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Eating Plan With Meals and Snacks

Diet Plan For One Day

Rather than provide a long list of diet recipes, we include a simple diet menu for one day's eating. It includes a variety of healthy low-calorie meals and snacks, most of which can be easily adapted to suit a variety of tastes. Just remember, if you want to save calories and lose weight, you don't need to go hungry. In fact, no matter what type of weight loss diet you follow, going hungry is guaranteed to leave you miserable and ready to quit.

Eat Little and Often

In order to lose weight as fast as possible, you need to eat regularly throughout the day - roughly every three hours. Don't starve yourself all day then eat all your calories at your evening meal. Going without food in this way is a recipe for hunger pangs, mood swings, slow weight loss and and can lead to binge-eating.

1500-Calorie Diet Plan


- Scrambled egg, with slice of whole wheat (or pumpernickel/rye) bread. [180 calories]
- Large slice of melon. [40 calories]
- Tea/Coffee.

Mid-Morning Snack

- 1 slice whole wheat bread. [75 calories]
- 1 tbsp peanut butter. [105 calories]


- Pita, with tbsp low-fat mayo, lean meat (ham, turkey, chicken, beef, tuna), tomatoes, cucumber, onions, lettuce, beets. [300 calories]
- Glass (8 fl oz) of orange juice. [120 calories]

Mid-Afternoon Snack

- Cheese string, with sliced apple. [120 calories]

Dinner [Total 425 calories]

- 4oz turkey, or chicken fillet, or white fish (broiled or boiled).
- Cup of cooked rice, or pasta.
- Cup of broccoli (microwave).
- Half cup peas (or any other vegetable).
- Tea/Coffee.

Evening Snack Options (Choose 1)

- Serving of sugar-free jello, with 1 tbsp Cool Whip. [55 calories]
- Half-cup fat-free yogurt, with 6 chopped walnuts. [136 calories]
- Scoop of any low-fat ice cream, with any berries. [125 calories]

Meal Calories

Total calorie content is 1400-1500 calories, depending on your choice of evening snack.

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