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Fat Acceptance

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Fat Acceptance

For many years society has discriminated against fat people. Indeed, in most Western countries it still does. To try to overcome this prejudice and establish rights of their own, overweight people have created the Fat Acceptance movement.

Being very overweight (obese) is first and foremost a health issue
Obesity may have a wide range of social implications, many of them unfair and discriminatory, but it is first and foremost a health issue.

According to the UK government:

"obesity is a hazard to health and a detriment to well-being - it is one of the most important medical and public health problems of our time."


  • 1 in 3 Americans are estimated to have a serious weight problem.
  • Obese parents tend to pass on their eating habits to their children.
  • An estimated 300,000 Americans die prematurely each year, due to weight-related disease. Estimates for 2002 are much higher.
  • In most cases, obesity is entirely preventable.

Advantages of Fat Acceptance
Insofar as it neutralizes the propaganda put out by Western society that everyone has to be 'thin', Fat Acceptance is a very positive force.

Drawbacks of Fat Acceptance
To some people who happen to be seriously overweight, Fat Acceptance may offer a reason for not taking steps towards improving their health. In view of the health consequences of obesity, such inaction may prove highly undesirable.

If you are obese, don't use Fat Acceptance as a reason to do nothing about your weight problem. Please consult your doctor.

See Obesity.


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