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Pain Free Diet Plans

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Pain Free Diet Plans

Want to lose weight?
Hate the pain of dieting?
If so, here are some suggestions for creating pain free diet plans.

NONE are unique, but you may find one or two useful.


Does the word 'diet' make you want to weep?
Then don't use it.
Instead, use EATING PLAN.

Focus on What You CAN Eat not What You CAN'T

When dieting (whoops - EATING), don't obsess about the fattening treats you can't have. Focus on all the yummy foods you CAN have.

Besides, losing weight must fit into your personal lifestyle.
So if you really want a cheeseburger, or a candy bar, then HAVE one.
Just DON'T have two, or three!

If you really want butter, then eat some.
Just DON'T eat a truckload.
Each teaspoon still has 35 calories and about 3.5g fat

Don't Depend on Willpower

FACT: Most dieters rely on willpower to lose weight.
FACT: Most dieters quit their diets and stay overweight.

Moral? Willpower doesn't help us lose weight or reduce our fat thighs.

The only way to avoid temptation and stick to a diet plan (whoops! - EATING plan) is to have a FULL STOMACH.

That's why all pain free diets stress the importance of REGULAR EATING.

Choose REALISTIC not IMAGINARY Weight Loss Goals

Painful diets aim for INSTANT results.
Painful diets focus on QUICK-FIX solutions.

Painful diet or weight loss plans promise things like:


Who believes this nonsense?
Answer: We do!

That's why an estimated 20-25 percent of ALL diet and weight loss products sold are fraudulent or useless.

NOTE: The human body does not shed fat quickly.
NOTE: Fast weight loss can be unhealthy.
NOTE: Fast weight loss often leads to loose skin.
NOTE: Fast weight loss is usually followed by fast weight GAIN.
NOTE: Fast weight loss among teenagers can lead to bingeing and eating disorders.

You don't believe me? Go ask a doctor.
But not a doctor who sells a weight loss supplement!!

Moral? Aiming to lose weight too fast is asking for a slap in the face. (Ouch!) This is not what pain free diet plans are all about. Pain free dieting is about SUCCESS.

So focus on STEADY, SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS - say, 2 pounds per week.
That's over 100 pounds of weight lost each year.
So your weight problem should take long to solve.

Get Support

What do we do when we feel bad?
We phone a friend.

Moral? Losing weight is less painful when you can turn to another human being for diet support. Ideally find a diet buddy AND a fitness buddy. And if your normal diet buddy doesn't really want to lose weight, find someone else. Diet buddies are only helpful if they can offer real weight loss motivation.

Get Your Weight Into Perspective

A pain free diet plan should take into account your overall lifestyle and mood.

For example, many dieters try to lose weight even when they don't REALLY want to. This is the typical painful approach to dieting, and it never works.

By comparison, the pain free approach to weight loss says: STOP!
I mean, why beat yourself up trying to lose weight when you don't want to.
There's more to life than diet and weight loss.

There's that thing called HAPPINESS.

Good Luck with YOUR pain free diet (whoops! - EATING) plans!

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