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Subway Diet

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Subway Diet Review


Jared Fogle hit the news in a big way! He was a college student that lived next door to a Subway food outlet. He was over 400 pounds at the time and when he stopped in at Subway one day, he took note of the sign that stated they offered lowfat subs.

So starting that day: for breakfast he had coffee, for lunch he ate a six-inch Turkey sub with some baked potato chips, and for dinner he had a 12-inch Veggie sub.

He didn't begin to exercise until he had lost a little over one hundred pounds but from that point on he walked. And he walked a LOT!

Since he hit the news, many people have followed in his footsteps and stop at Subway - if not everyday, several times each week, and they are experiencing success. They are all basically eating a low fat diet.

We think what Jared accomplished is amazing and we give him a lot of credit for sticking with it until he reached his goal of 190 pounds at 6'2" tall.

However, while this is a wonderful example of personal weight loss success, it does not mean that the so-called "Subway Diet" is either healthy or likely to lead to similar weight loss.

Remember, the basis of weight loss is calories-in vs. calories-out. If you reduce your calorie-intake to below your calorie-expenditure, you will lose weight even if you eat only Haagen Dazs ice-cream. Yet no one would suggest that we follow a diet plan consisting only of Haagen Dazs!

The truth is, Subway offers a good selection of low-calorie subs which are excellent for midday lunches or occasional snacks, especially if you're trying to lose weight. But unless you supplement these subs with other foods like fruit and vegetables, your health is going to suffer, never mind your weight.

Subway Diet - Claims

  • No cooking.
  • Subway is yummy.
  • Lose weight fast.

Subway Diet - Drawbacks

  • Not a balanced diet.
  • Expensive.
  • Eating sandwiches for two meals day in and day out, may get boring.

Subway Diet - Summary

  • Not recommended. Although to be fair, fast-food addicts and (perhaps) college students could do a lot worse.
  • Let's enjoy Subway food as an occasional part of our diet, not as a diet in itself.


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