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SlimFast Diet

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SlimFast Diet Review


The SlimFast Diet is based on meal-replacement shakes, snack bars and one real-food dinner, giving a total of approximately 1200 calories per day.

You have a SlimFast shake for breakfast, a SlimFast shake for lunch and a sensible real-food dinner. Throw in a SlimFast bar or two for a snack and you have a well-balanced diet! Not really. The shakes and bars are processed, i.e. not natural.

True, they do contain added vitamins and minerals - but the value of food goes beyond vitamins and minerals. And some of the SlimFast bars are high in sugar and fillers - not exactly an ideal nutritional combination.

Also, like all meal-replacement plans, the SlimFast Diet doesn't focus on the big issue of being overweight - the need to learn healthier eating habits. So even though SlimFast (like any minimum 1200 calorie diet plan) can almost guarantee weight loss, it does little to ensure that the weight stays off by teaching you long term eating habits.

For these reasons, it may be that SlimFast is a better diet plan for severely obese dieters who need extra help to control their eating habits. It is certainly not ideal for dieters with (say) less than 50 pounds to lose.

SlimFast Diet - Claims

  • Easy to follow.
  • Tastes great.
  • Fast weight loss.
  • Eat real food, too.

SlimFast Diet - Drawbacks

  • Doesn't teach you good eating habits.
  • Must purchase shakes and bars.
  • Only one meal of real food a day.

SlimFast Diet - Summary

  • We think SlimFast has the experience to make this approach work for you.
  • "Bar none, the best customizable diet on the Net" - Forbes.Com
  • We recommend SlimFast especially for very overweight people.

Comment From Dieter

"Your review of SF is almost spot-on... but what SlimFast also did was allow us to focus on "one sensible meal per day."... the SF bars and shakes let us basically focus on one getting at least one meal right. Using SF as a crutch allowed us to get a feel for eating properly without having to figure out a daily meal plan consisting of a health 5-6 meals per day.

SF also showed us that we COULD drop weight on our own. In 6 months, we lost 20-25lbs on the diet. That gave us the courage to go to the gym, get a full meal plan together (based on our experience with the SF "sensible dinner"), and start changing things around...


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