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Raw Foods Diet Review


A typical Raw Foods Diet advocates eating at least 75 percent of your food raw, although there are strict versions which insist on no cooking and a 100 percent vegetarian dietary regimen. Where cooking is allowed it is usually to permit the addition of some cooked whole grains and pulses, plus good quality fish and lean poultry.

Naturalist David Jubb, PhD, a behavior/exercise physiologist in New York, explains that a raw, living food eating regimen is made up of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, organic (whenever possible), in season, and ripe; sprouted seeds, nuts, and legumes; and some fermented foods that are properly combined for easy digestion.

"Let starch go," says Jubb, explaining that as it breaks down, it ferments in your body, which does you no good at all.

But according to Rutgers University and Taiwanese researchers at last spring's annual American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco:

"Raw isn't always best. Sometimes cooked foods give you more nutrients for the buck."

They found that the body more easily absorbs iron from 37 of 48 vegetables tested when they're boiled, stir-fried, steamed, or grilled. Of note, the absorbable iron in cabbage jumped from 6.7% to 27% with cooking. That of broccoli flowerets rose from 6% to 30%. (Source: WebMD)

Raw Foods Diet - Claims

  • Feel healthy and alive
  • Lose weight
  • Prevent disease

Raw Foods Diet - Drawbacks

  • A very hard diet to maintain, long term.
  • Difficult to feed a whole family on such an uncompromising diet plan.
  • Not easy to design a proper balanced raw foods diet.
  • Raw food isn't always healthiest.

Raw Foods Diet - Summary

  • Not recommended as a long term practical solution to weight loss. But might be valuable as a short term healthy eating plan.
  • It is important to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, but doing it at the expense of all the other wonderful foods and flavors of the world is likely to prove too difficult for most dieters.


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