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Low Fat Diets

A low fat diet typically suggests 25-30 percent fat from calories (sometimes lower) and recommends lower fat options whenever possible (dairy products, meat etc.) along with regular consumption of good carbohydrates like: wholegrain bread, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruit, beans, oats and cereals. With an average calorie intake of about 1200-1500 calories, per day, a low fat diet claims to offer effective, long term weight loss, more energy and better health.

The Low Fat diet claim
Reducing fat intake whilst eating more good carbohydrates, offers the safest and most reliable route to lasting weight loss and better health, especially when coupled with regular exercise.

What you eat on a low fat diet

  • A typical breakfast
    Glass of freshly squeezed orange
    Large bowl of cereal with fat free milk
    Toast with minimal margarine & preserves

  • A typical lunch
    Large whole wheat sandwich with lean meat and large salad with low fat dressing
    Low fat yogurt

  • A typical dinner
    4oz Lean chicken with 2 medium potatoes and two helpings vegetables
    Chopped fruit topped with low fat ice-cream

  • Typical snacks
    Low fat yogurts
    Whole Wheat Sandwiches

Advantages of a low fat diet
Low fat diets are usually quite filling, easy to digest and kind to both the heart and the immune system. Dieters typically report having extra energy, less indigestion and relatively easy weight loss.

See also summary of FDA Consumer Report on Weight Loss, outlining the
Use of Low Fat Diets by Successful Weight-losers!

Weight loss is steady but not fast. For the average person, this amounts to no more than 1.5-2 pounds, per week. However, most experts agree that faster weight loss is not sustainable. If you lose weight any faster, you will probably regain it just as fast.

Most experts agree that a low fat diet is a healthy, reliable way to lose weight.

For an expanded explanation, click Low-Fat High-Carb Diet


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