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Low Fat Diet Review (Low in Dietary Cholesterol)

Low Fat Diet

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Low Fat Diet

This diet is low in fat and typically rich in lower-GI (complex) carbohydrates (the good carbs).

Why low-fat?

  • Because animal fat is bad for heart disease and some cancers.
  • Because fat contains more than twice the calories of other foods.
  • Because fat is 7 times more easily converted to body fat than carbohydrates.
  • Because fat can destroy our taste for healthy food.

YES, we all need some fat (no more than about 25-30 percent of calories) and SOME TYPES of fat are VERY HEALTHY.

But NONE of us need the amount or type we commonly eat.

Why rich in complex-carbohydrate?

  • Because complex carbohydrates are less fattening, very healthy and less easily converted to body fat.
  • Because they are a great source of energy.
  • Because our brain thrives on them.

Carbohydrates - a brief explanation
There are 3 basic types of carbohydrates

1. Simple Carbohydrates - also called 'sugars'
These are made up of simple molecules that are quickly and easily digested into the bloodstream. The sudden surge of energy they produce can be very upsetting and unhealthy for our system.

These carbohydrates should be eaten only in SMALL quantities.

Foods high in simple carbohydrates
Table-sugar, syrups, preserves, jelly, ordinary sodas/ soft drinks, sweets, candies, cakes.

Food ingredients high in simple carbohydrates
Dextrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, sucrose, fruit juice concentrate, molasses, glucose syrup, honey.

2. Complex carbohydrates
These are made up of 'complex' molecules, so it takes longer for our body to digest them. Result? We stay full for longer and our system is not upset.

We should eat about 50% of our calories as complex carbohydrates.

Foods high in complex carbohydrates
Wholemeal bread, potatoes, pasta, rice (esp. brown) fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes.

3. Very complex carbohydrates - also known as Fiber
This type of carbohydrate is SO complex that we can't digest it at all!!
Nevertheless, it provides bulk which keeps us feeling full and it has significant health benefits. It helps lower cholesterol, reduces the risk of diabetes and helps combat certain cancers.

We should eat about 25 grams of fiber per day.

Complex carbs are essential ingredients in any healthy weight loss diet.
That's why low-carb diets may be UNHEALTHY.

Diet Guidelines

Eat less fat - especially animal fat
Switch to lower fat options like: low fat dairy food, low-fat cheese, fat-free dressings. Switch to fish, turkey and chicken from beef and lamb. Use less fat when cooking and add less fat (mayo, butter) to your plate.

Eat more complex carbohydrates
Like potatoes, wholemeal or wholegrain bread, oats, cereal, rice, pasta.

Eat less sugar and sugary foods
Like table sugar, soft drinks, cookies, candy.
Switch to lower-sugar options, drink water and fruit juices rather than sodas.

Eat more fruit, vegetables and salad
Make these foods a MAJOR part of your diet

Eat more fiber
Eat more beans, legumes for extra fiber.

Why this diet is best

It's very healthy.
It's good for steady weight loss.
It's used by successful dieters [See: Low Fat Diets & Successful Dieters]

The moral?
Junk the fad diets
Look for a balanced diet with the RIGHT carbs and the RIGHT fats.


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