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Lindora Lean for Life Diet Program Review

Lindora Lean for Life Diet

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Lindora - Lean for Life Diet Program Review

Founded in 1971 by Marshall Stamper, M.D., Lindora’s Lean for Life program is a 45-day clinic-based diet program run from 29 Southern California weight loss clinics. The company also run an online diet equivalent called Lean for Life Online. The standard cost of the 45-day Lean for Life diet program is $149.00.

The Lean for Life diet plan has several different dietary phases, which can be a drawback. You have to count the days you are doing each diet phase so you know when to go on to the next one.

The first is what they call the "Prep" phase, designed to put you into "ketosis" - a condition which induces artificial weight loss. You can have 50 - 100 grams of carbs per day.You are permitted to have 6 servings of protein, 80 oz. of water, salt and you need to take a fiber supplement. If you want to, you can use some of their supplements/snacks for your protein servings. This phase lasts for 3 days.

Next comes the "Weight Loss" phase which lasts for up to 28 days. Each week you must do one "prep" day or "protein day" and the rest of the week you do the regular weight loss menu, which is pretty balanced and you have the option of choosing something from the protein list for snacks or using their supplements. You are asked to check a ketostick each day to be sure you are in ketosis - if you aren't, you need to go back to the "protein" days.

Next, for 14 days, you move into the "Metabolic Adjustment" phase. Here, you add a few additional foods so that your metabolism never gets used to what you are doing during the weight loss phase. It's hard to move back into the weight loss phase once you have done this phase though. Many fail at this point in the plan.

The use of regular high-protein days to induce ketosis is not recommended by reputable nutritionists. The Cleveland Clinic had this to say about ketosis:

"During ketosis, the body forms substances known as ketones, which can cause organs to fail and result in gout, kidney stones, or kidney failure. Ketones can also dull a person's appetite, cause nausea and bad breath. Ketosis is prevented by eating at least 100 grams of carbohydrates a day."

Lindora - Lean for Life Program - Claims

  • Eat real foods.
  • Easy to follow.
  • One on one support.
  • Online support.
  • Great tasting supplements.
  • Successful weight loss.

Lindora - Lean for Life Program - Drawbacks

  • Expensive to pay $149 to join every 45 days
  • Can be confusing to follow.
  • Low calorie, high protein, low carb diet - not sufficiently balanced.
  • Encouraged to purchase lots of supplements for your snacks.
  • Some recipes require you to have their supplements.

Lindora - Lean for Life Program - Summary

  • Not recommended, due to high price, low-calorie levels and the promotion of non-essential diet supplements.
  • Also, like all high-protein plans, the Lean for Life program uses ketosis as a means of expediting weight loss. This remains controversial.


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