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Herbalife® Diet Pills Review

Like Metabolife®, Herbalife are one of the most successful sellers of diet and weight loss pills. Therefore they command respect in the diet supplements industry.

Herbalife® Diet Pills - Issues

The health issue surrounding Herbalife's diet pills and supplements used to concern the ingredient Ephedra (Ephedrine or Ma Huang), a common herb widely used by many companies in the manufacture of weight loss and bodybuilding supplements and taken by dieters throughout the world.

A 2001 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded the herb could cause high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke, seizures and death. And the FDA has reports of 100 deaths among ephedra users. Hence some Herbalife product sellers still post warnings such as:

Monitor your heart rate (pulse) and blood pressure when taking ephedra. If your resting heart rate seems faster than usual, or your blood pressure is above normal, stop using the herb. Don't take ephedra with over-the-counter cold remedies or with other formulas containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. This will double your dose, raising the likelihood of side effects.

However, it seems Herbalife has stopped including ephedra in it's weight loss supplements. This is good news!

Herbal Diet Pills are Not Necessarily Safer

As ephedra proved, herbal diet pills containing 'natural' ingredients are not necessarily safer than non-herbal diet pills. Also, over the counter diet pills and supplements, such as those sold by Herbalife, are not subject to the same scrutiny as prescription-only diet pills. In particular, ingredient-testing and labelling regulations are less strict. This means the weight loss customer depends largely upon information supplied by the diet pill producer.

To it's credit, Herbalife has posted a number of fairly detailed fact-sheets on it's US web site, which offer information on the ingredients and labels of it's weight loss supplements. However Herbalife does not however offer guidance on meal plans which might/should accompany it's diet pills. The inclusion of such dietary information would be helpful.

Herbalife® Diet Pills - Summary

  • Despite their popularity, there is no clinical evidence to suggest that diet supplements offer any significant extra benefits over a sensible diet and exercise weight loss program. Thus at present diet supplements or pills appear to be superfluous. Buy them at your own risk.


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