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Diet Divas Diet Program
A Positive Review by a Dieter

I don't claim to have a monopoly on or infinite amounts of wisdom either, but I found some of your information about the Diet Divas plan a bit misleading. I have been on the program for 6 weeks and .... here's what I have to say. Use it or don't, but at least know there is another opinion than what you've posted.

Yes, [the] supplements are expensive. But they are not any more expensive than protein supplements you can purchase over the counter.

I wish you could read the boards! Diva after diva raves about how easy it is to follow! One thing that makes it different from Weight Watchers (which I've done three times and failed) is that you can't eat everything! That actually makes things easier. It's harder to "legally cheat." You eat normal foods that you can get anywhere (we have international divas who shop in Italy, Sweden, Japan, etc.) and you watch portion size (not new to anyone who has ever dieted)!

Made to feel you must use the supplements. Maybe. If you read the boards (which most of us do), you hear the stories of those who don't. They lose, too! And as for using them - it ups the protein so you feel more full and burn more fat.

Joining fee?: It is variable. You can start for close to $100 or for less. Especially if you want to do a trial membership. It's also a one-time fee. No weekly stuff. Cheaper than Weight Watchers in the long run!

Recipes? ... maybe some of the ones made by Diet Divas use lots of supplements. But there is a member created board area with hundreds of recipes that has tons of recipes that don't use any supplements.

Expensive? .... depends on your budget. I used to spend at least $100 a month on junk - donuts, cookies, croissants, etc. I don't buy any of that now. So that $100 is just used to buy other food items that I can eat.

Finally, I believe that a diet has to work for an individual. My best friend swears by Atkins and lives it. I couldn't do that. I have another friend who is a lifelong Weight Watcher. I've failed too many times because I know how to cheat legally. For me, Diet Divas is the first thing that has worked consistently and is possible for me not only to follow, but to (with some modification) feed my family. It works for me.

Thanks for your ear (so to speak).

[Editor: Thanks to YOU, AR and Good Luck!]


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