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Body for Life

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Body for Life Diet & Fitness Program


Body for Life, by Bill Phillips, is a diet and fitness program for those that want to focus on developing a body builders body. And it does require total focus, all the time. It permits/encourages the use of supplements, shakes, bars and other highly priced items. You work out 6 days a week doing about 20 minutes of cardio-aerobic exercise three times a week and a weight workout on the other days.

The actual diet in Body for Life is rather vague - the list of foods includes lean meats, low fats and 'quality carbohydrates'. But plenty of vegetables are included and it's generally a good list of nutrient rich foods.

The pattern of eating on Body for Life is 6 meals a day 6 days a week. But a novel feature of the Body for Life plan is the 'day off'. You may take one day off each week and eat whatever you want.

You can use Body for Life supplements, but they are very expensive and you may spend about $6 to $8 a day on them.

Body for Life - Claims

  • Get the body you want in 12 weeks.
  • Teaches you to eat healthy.
  • Learn to exercise to maximum advantage.
  • One day off each week.
  • Can use convenient shakes/bars for some of the meals.
  • High marks for motivation.

Body for Life - Drawbacks

  • The diet plan isn't very clear - few details.
  • The supplements, shakes and bars are expensive.
  • You must exercise intensively, 6 days each week.
  • Too rigid and intensive to be really a plan "for life."
  • You have to eat 6 times each day on a schedule.

Body for Life - Summary

  • Good for Body Builders and for anyone who is very focused/disciplined.
  • Not really recommended for weight loss or exercise beginners.
  • If your main concern is to lose weight and get healthy, Body for Life may be a little too intense for you, especially if you don't have a lot of time to cook meals.
  • If you can rise to the challenge of Body for Life, you may succeed.


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