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The Reality of Losing Weight

Dieting can be depressing, lonely and very frustrating. Reducing calories, following a specific diet menu or eating plan, avoiding our favorite foods, taking exercise - none of these things are easy! One reason why so many dieters quit and stay overweight.

Get Help To Stick To Your Diet!

Dieting is ten times easier when you get help. So before you start another diet, find a partner with whom to lose weight. If you can't find a diet buddy, join a diet group like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, or join your work colleagues in a weight loss program. If you have a little more money to spend, join one of the doctor-supervised diet programs or a local weight loss clinic. Most of these weight loss centers provide motivational help in the form of lectures, group discussions or have online weight loss support groups.

Online Diet Help

If you live outside town, another good option is to join an online weight loss program that includes a help forum. Online forums are great for raising your motivation to keep on track and reach your weight loss goals. You can usually find several diet-buddies, keep a weight loss diary, get expert advice on food-swaps or extra meals, get new diet recipes and menu suggestions, or just learn how other dieters are coping.

Where To Find The Best Online Diet Help

We can't speak for everyone, but we get about 1,000 messages from different dieters each week, telling us about their weight loss experiences. A few are rants about rip-off diets or useless pills, but most are straightforward comments from people describing how they have managed to lose weight. According to this feedback, the most popular online weight loss programs are run by ediets and Anne Collins. The latter in particular is repeatedly mentioned to us because of her diet-forum. It's active, very friendly and seems to offer powerful motivation. It includes special sections for very overweight individuals as well as all the usual features you might expect. For our review of both ediets and Anne Collins, click Best Diet.

Note: if you have joined a weight management program that offers good ongoing motivational support, please contact us with details.


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