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Diets For Good Health and Weight Management

See below for eating advice, menus and meal plans for a variety of diets for certain health conditions, as well as the most popular weight loss plans and fad diets.

1. Special Diets For Health Conditions

Here are some general dietary tips about what to eat if you have a specific medical condition. Please note that some diseases and disorders are easier to plan meals for than others, as both causes and symptoms may vary significantly from one patient to the next. For optimum health and nutrition, it is essential that you talk to your doctor, dietitian or nutritionist and get personal advice rather than depend upon general dietary suggestions.

Heart Disease
Cholesterol Guide
Healthy Cholesterol Levels
Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Cholesterol Lowering Plan
Eating Plan and Menu
Cholesterol Diet: Food Servings
High Cholesterol Foods
Healthy Heart Diet
Foods to Avoid
Blood Pressure Diet
Blood Pressure
Low Sodium Diet
Dash Diet

Diabetes & Diet
Foods & Blood Glucose
Exercise & Hypoglycemia
Diabetic Diet Food Pyramid
Calories & Food Servings
Food Measurements Needed
Diabetic Diet Advice
Diabetes Diet FAQs
General Tips

Kidney Disease
Renal Diet Guidelines
Renal Diet Foods
Renal Diet Support

Cancer and Immunity
Immune Strengthening Diet
Diet For Smokers

Healthy Eating Habits
Healthy Diet
Healthy Eating
Healthy Diet Plan
Healthy Meals
Dietary Guidelines 2005
Health and Diet Issues
Guidelines Children/Teens

Diet For Alcoholics

Trigger Foods For Asthma

Osteoporosis Advice
Osteoporosis Diet
Foods to Avoid
Osteoporosis Health

Arthritis Diet
Foods to Avoid
Gout Diet

Irritable Bowel Diet
Foods to Avoid

Gluten Intolerance
Gluten Free Diet

Lactase Deficiency
Lactose Intolerance Diet
Lactose Intolerance Advice
Diverticulitis Diet Advice


Other Digestive Disorders
Candida Diet
Crohn's Disease
Elimination Diet
Ulcer Diet

Cleansing Diets
Detox Diet
Detox Foods

After Obesity Surgery
Diet After Gastric Bypass

Weight Gain Advice
Weight Gain Diet

Muscle Building
Bodybuilding Diet

Diets For Children & Teens
Diet Advice For Children/Teens
Calorie Needs For Children
Diet For Children
Eating Plan For Children
Diet Snacks
Calorie Needs For Teens
Diet For Teens
Eating Plan For Teens

Feingold Diet Program
Diet and Hyperactivity
Diets For ADD and ADHD
Low Sugar Hyperactivity Diets
Oligoantigenic Hypoallergenic Diet
Diet Nutrition For ADD/ADHD

Migraine Headaches
Diet Advice For Migraine

Premenstrual Syndrome Diet
Foods to Avoid

Menopause Diet
Foods to Avoid

Diet for Elderly
Foods to Avoid

Diets From Around the World
Arabic Diet Foods
Asian Diet Foods
Latin American Diet Foods
Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Food Pyramid

Vegetarian Diet
Foods to Avoid
Vegetarian Food Pyramid

Macrobiotic Diet Guidelines

2. Diets For Weight Control

Diet Meetings - Diet Centers

Enrolling in a weight management program at a weight loss clinic or center is a good option. It offers useful great support and diet motivation. Ideal for anyone who needs extra support to lose weight. Some weight loss centers also offer online diet programs and online support groups. Such programs include Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig.

Online Diets

Joining an online diet program is even easier. Check the costs and choose a healthy balanced diet that offers long term support.

Weight Loss Forums

Whether you're looking for general dieting advice, specific information about calories or calories in food or nutrition, diet tips, or details of other dieters' personal weight loss stories or experiences, you should find the answers on a forum. If the forum is active and well managed, it makes a great weight loss community and will definitely increase your chances of achieving your weight loss goals. For our view of a good forum, see Extra Help To Lose Weight.

Weight Loss Support Groups

If you are seriously overweight, or suffer from mild or morbid clinical obesity, you may benefit from joining a support group like Overeaters Anonymous or TOPS.

Program Reviews

Click below for reviews of the most popular commercial weight management programs, or for information about generic diet programs and fad diets. Our diet reviews are based on our own subjective opinion, reinforced by comments sent to us by dieters around the globe. See also our reviews of the Best Diets.

1000 Calorie Plan
1200 Calorie Plan
1600 Calorie Plan
1800 Calorie Plan
2000 Calorie Plan
Anne Collins Diet
Atkins Diet
Beverley Hills Diet
Blood Test Diets
Body For Life
Cabbage Soup Diet
Carbohydrate Addicts
Catabolic Diet
Caveman/Paleolithic Diet
Celebrity Diets
Cider Vinegar Plan
Diet Workshop
Diet Plan For Men
Dietary Advice For Men
Dieting Help
Diets of Famous People
Eat Right 4 Your Type
Fad Diets
Fasts/ Fasting
Fat Flush Diet Plan
Fit For Life
Foods For Weight Loss

Food Combining Diets
Grapefruit Diet
High Fiber Diets
Hip and Thigh
Hollywood 48 Hour Diet
Jenny Craig
Ketogenic Diet
LA Weight Loss Centers
Liquid Diets
Low Calorie Diets
Low Carb Diets
Low Carb Diet Plans Overview
Low Carb Results
Low GI Diet
Maker's Diet
Mayo Clinic Diet
Meal Replacement Diets
Medical Diet
Metabolic Typing Diet
Negative Calorie Diets
Nutrient Dense Diets
Ornish Diet: Eat More Weigh Less

Peanut Butter Diet
Perricone Diet - Wrinkle Cure
Picture Perfect Weight Loss
Pritikin Diet
Protein Power
Raw Foods Diet
Rice Diet Program
Richard Simmons Program
Rotation Diet
Scan Diet
Scarsdale Diet
Six Week Body Makeover
South Beach Diet
Suzanne Somers
Subway Diet
Sugar Busters
Three Hour Diet
Three Hour Diet: FAQs
Three Hour Diet: Opinion
Total Health Makeover
Vegetarian Diet Tips
Weight Management Guide
Weight Watchers Program
Weight Loss News

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