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An Effective Diet Should Offer Proper Help

As we have often stated, a weight loss diet is often only as good as the support it offers. Let's be honest, many of us know exactly what (and how much) to eat in order to reduce weight, but we don't have enough motivation to keep dieting. We need help. So a diet plan that includes effective weight loss support will be much more effective than a diet that simply says: "eat this and the weight will miraculously fall off!"

What Type of Weight Loss Support is Available

Most online diets offer no support. Some offer a helpline (typically an email address) for queries about adapting the diet menus and so on. A handful of online diet programs offer a weight loss forum (typically at an extra cost), where you can seek help from a resident dietitian or nutritionist, and chat with other members of the program. A forum is definitely the best way to get real support to lose weight, that is providing it's active.

Weight Loss Forums Offer The Best Help To Lose Weight

An active forum lets you read about the experiences (good and bad) of other dieters - people who are trying to manage their weight, just like you. So you don't feel isolated any more, and you can learn tons about how to overcome the typical diet-problems that we all encounter when trying to lose weight. Successful dieters post "before" and "after" photographs of themselves, which can be highly motivating if you have 40-50 pounds to lose. In addition, a forum also offers options for starting a private weight loss journal, or keeping an exercise diary. All these features offer great support to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Weigh-In Every Week

A forum also usually offers a weigh-in thread, for members to register their weekly weight loss results. This can be a great place to receive and give encouragement to keep losing weight and overcome problems. All in all, providing it is active and well-managed, a forum can be a wonderful weight loss community. Well worth joining!

Best Place To Get Help To Lose Weight

We don't run a forum ourselves, but we receive tons of information about hundreds of different diets from dieters all over the world. Judging by this response, one of the most popular support forums is run by Anne Collins. It's free to all members of her weight loss program and we get truly unbelievable feedback about it. More than one woman has told us it has literally changed her whole life. This is one reason we strongly recommend her program, which incidentally is one of the least expensive weight loss programs on the market. For our review, click Anne Collins

Note: If you know of any good forum which has helped you to lose weight, please contact us with details.

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