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Diets of Famous People

Diets Used By Celebrities May Not Be Normal

Oprah's diet preferences have changed considerably over the years, but she's more normal than many other famous people, whose diets have been very eccentric. Howard Hughes used to wear gloves when eating, Julius Caesar supposedly never mixed fish and carbs, while one African potentate reputedly used to eat several chapters of the bible for lunch.

Film Star Diets

Hollywood celebrities frequently claim to have reduced weight by following a fad diet or macrobiotic eating plan cooked, no doubt, by some expensive chef, and it's very tempting to believe that their wacko diet will work for you. But before you follow their recommended "no-carb" or "39.5 percent calories-from-fat" or "wheatgrass and soy" diets, remember one thing: celebrities need to look lean. Their million dollar film-star salary is heavily dependent upon their shape. So even if they ate nothing but bananas - if they lose weight, it's worth it. On the other hand, we ordinary people need to eat enough nutrition and energy to stay healthy. Looks alone don't cut it.

Diets of Famous Sports People

The diets of athletes, like footballers and other sportsmen, are typically much more balanced and more healthy. Sports stars need a healthy body, so for them, superficial appearance is irrelevant. Thus, leaving aside the extra calories and protein they eat, their diets are worth copying.

Diets of Famous Politicians

Bill Clinton's preference for junk food (at least up until his coronary bypass), LBJ's appetite for praline candies (despite several heart attacks) and numerous politicians' weakness for liquid diets (40 percent proof!), suggests that the diets of political celebrities are less exemplary than their social programs!

Diets of Famous People: Bottom Line

Enjoy watching your favorite celebrity, just don't rely on them for dietary advice. If you really want to reduce weight and regain your previous lean shape, see our diet reviews of the best diet - for celebrities as well as we ordinary people!

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