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Diet Pills or Products Containing Laxatives

Diet pills, weight loss supplements or diet products containing laxatives are not a healthy or effective way to lose weight. On the contrary, pills and products containing laxatives may cause you gain weight, as well as damaging your health.

Using Laxatives to Lose Weight is Unhealthy

Diet pills that contain laxatives stimulate the digestive system and can cause severe diarrhea. And constant diarrhea prevents proper absorption of food and leads to dehydration due to water-loss, plus vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which may have bad effects on health. Strong laxatives actually weaken normal peristalsis (movement of the bowels). People who take strong laxatives for long periods, lose the ability to produce normal stools. See also Diet Teas.

Using Laxatives to Lose Weight Can be Dangerous

Continued laxative use can cause bloating, cramping, dehydration, electrolyte disturbances and imbalances, cardiac arrhythmias, irregular heart beat and heart attack, renal problems, and death. Laxatives also cause withdrawal symptoms.

Using Laxatives to Lose Weight Doesn't Work

A study by the University of Texas tracked the weight and dieting habits of 692 teenage girls from 9th through 12th grade. Girls who had resorted to extreme weight-loss measures like laxatives and appetite suppressants were more likely to gain weight, as were those who had engaged in binge eating. Dieting, laxative and appetite suppressant use to lose weight also greatly increased the likelihood of becoming obese, the study showed.

Calorie-Reduction & Exercise are more Important than Laxatives

The reason people suffering from eating disorders seem to lose weight while taking laxatives is because in most cases they are increasingly watching calorie intake and restricting food consumption, inducing vomiting, and/or compulsively exersizing.

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Diet and weight loss pills, whether prescription or over-the-counter, are only effective when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. So to lose weight and reduce body fat, see our diet information and advice at Best Diet and Exercise

NOTE: Before using any form of diet pills or weight loss supplements, please consult your doctor.

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