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Diet Teas are Not a Healthy or Effective Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss teas contain strong botanical laxatives and diuretics.

They can cause diarrhea and loss of water from the body. Diarrhea and water loss lead to the depletion of sodium, potassium (hypokalemia) and dehydration. Although weight may decrease, the loss is fluid and is only temporary. Moreover, low sodium and potassium levels may cause abnormal heartbeats and can even lead to death.

Herbal Diet Teas Won't Help You Lose Weight, either

Senna, a herbal laxative, is often an ingredient in herbal "diet teas". It stimulates the colon and can result in extreme diarrhea, nausea and dehydration. Toxicologists say, this herb can cause an electrolyte imbalance so serious it can lead to arrhythmia and heart failure.The weight loss is usually water loss, not fat loss. Moreover, long-term use of diet teas can impair colon function.

Herbal Diet Teas - Many Names Misleadingly Suggest Weight Loss

Many weight-loss and "cleansing" teas flood the market. Examples include: Trim-Maxx, 24-Hour Diet Tea, Ultra Slim Tea, Select Senna Leaf Tea, Super Fatbuster Tea, Super Dieter's Tea, Original Slim Tea, Fasting Tea, Uncle Lee's body Slim Dieter Tea, Herb Tea Diet and Cleansing Program, Alvita Trim-Time Thermogenic Tea, Sou Tsian Tea, Diet Partner Herb Tea, Diet-Max Diet Tea, Elegant Jasmine Slim Tea, etc.

Diet Teas are not Federally Regulated

Herbal diet teas are not federally regulated - as long as they do not claim to promote weight loss on the label (even though the name obviously suggests this very claim!). Since the diet teas are regulated as foods, the ingredients are not monitored for potency; the exact amounts of laxative herbs in each tea are unknown, and so are the potential effects of mixing different laxative herbs.

If You must Drink Diet Teas

Avoid brands that contain senna, aloe, buckthorn, rhubarb root, cascara, and castor oil. Other potentially harmful ingredients in diet teas include: Ma huang, locust plant, wymote, ginseng, honeysuckle, and chaparral. Longer brewing time increases the potency of herbal teas. For the sake of your weight and health, do not drink more than 2 cups of diet tea per day. Diet Teas are not a complete answer to weight loss or weight control.

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Diet and weight loss drugs or pills, whether prescription or over-the-counter weight loss supplements, are only effective when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. So in order to lose weight and improve your body shape, check out our diet information and advice at Best Diet

NOTE: Before using any form of diet pills or weight loss supplements, please consult your doctor.

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