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Patches For Weight Loss

What Are Diet Patches?

A diet patch is a sticky peel-on/peel-off skin patch, not unlike a nicotine patch, whose function (according to patch promoters) is to reduce appetite and burn fat, even when you are asleep. Diet patches are sometimes sold with a basic weight loss diet, and customers are informed that they need to follow the diet carefully for optimum weight reduction.

What Do Diet Patches Contain?

Ingredients in diet patches may include seaweed, marine algae, vitamins, hydroxycitric acid, guarana, along with several other so-called "natural" weight loss inducing compounds. Like over-the-counter diet pills, ingredients in patches typically do not require Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Do Diet Patches Work?

We are not aware of any successful clinical weight loss trials involving diet patches. However, we do know that the FDA have not approved these patches for weight reduction, and have confiscated millions of dollars' worth of fraudulent diet patches during the past decade. UK consumer watchdogs have also issued warnings about fraudulent and ineffective diet patches.

A Truly Successful Diet Patch Would Hit the Headlines

For people who are desperate to lose weight, and who have failed repeatedly with conventional diets and exercise programs, the idea of a patch that can "lose weight for them" even when they are sleeping, is very attractive. But hold it a moment - if a patch existed that did truly help us to shed excess body fat, without having to diet, wouldn't it be front page news? After all, there are tens of millions of overweight and obese customers for such a miracle cure.

Obesity Drug Companies Would Pay Millions For Successful Patch Technology

Since obesity is now the "trillion dollar disease", if a company developed successful diet-patch technology it would immediately be worth billions. Weight loss drug giants would be queuing up to invest in it. Why has this not happened?

Diet Patch No Substitute For Healthy Eating Habits

The truth is, we become overweight because of high-calorie eating habits and lack of exercise. So in order to lose weight we need to reverse this process. We need to adopt healthier patterns of eating and exercise. While it's possible that some overweight individuals may benefit from the "placebo effect" of diet patches and/or diet pills, as far as we know there is no clinical evidence to support this.

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