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If you're female, with a sense of humor, you'll LOVE TOOT!

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The best diet newsletter I've seen.... EVER!

This really IS the best diet ezine I've ever seen. Actually, it's the best weight loss column I've ever seen anywhere. It's informative. It's motivational. It's frank and honest and I LOVE it. I only wish it came out more often... but, hey, this way I get lots of time to really study it before the next newsletter comes out!

I am a 19 year old who has always struggled with diet and weight loss. Because of your diet newsletter I have regained control of my life and I am on my way to a leaner and healthier me. THANKS TOOT!!!

I love this weight loss newsletter so much. Please keep them coming!

I love the dry humor. You get right to the point & don't mince words.You are positive too, you give realistic weight loss advice in a fun way.

Your weight loss advice is so practical and helpful. You don't know how much I appreciate the absence of SPAM!!! Keep up the good work Toot.

This diet newsletter about fat thighs is great! It expounds on the only way to lose and keep it off - eat less, count calories, get a good balance of fats, carbs and proteins. I am going to print it and hang it up in my kitchen to read when I am feeling like eating something I shouldn't.

I received the first diet ezine in March and WOW - thanks for the straight forward, honest weight loss pointers, which are tinged with humor. Fantastic, I cannot wait for the next one.

I wish I could read your diet ezine everyday to keep me on track, once a fortnight is just too less!

Your weight loss newsletter is great simply because it's real and hits hard.I just wish i could meet all those women Toot talks about. I feel I can totally relate to them.

It's the best weight loss ezine / newsletter I've seen.A good laugh but serious message. I have lost 6 lbs in 4 weeks.

Dear Toot 
Thank you for such wonderful diet advice. It is amazing how you can make people see things in a totally new perspective. FAB! Keep up the excellence! Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this rather touchy subject... much appreciated. 20/20!

I like your diet newsletter because it's short and sweet (haha) the point, makes a good point simply and clearly, and memorably. Each weight loss message is not only easy to understand and "get" but because it is so clearly illustrated, easy to incorporate into my own life. Also, nice simple clear language - no trendy diet babble.

Toot, you are a hoot!!! 
I always smile insanely at the screen whilst reading your pearls of diet wisdom. Wish you lived with me!

Your diet newsletter today was the BEST weight loss advice I have seen!!!!

It's the best diet newsletter I've seen. I really enjoy it. The stories are so true to my lifestyle. It talks about weight issues with a little humor but a lot of diet information.

Enjoyable to read, very informative on weight loss - hits home EVERY time.

... truly a lovely diet newsletter, so honest and true to life...

Very inspirational. Full of great diet motivation!

I cant wait for Fridays! Your diet letters are so motivating. Thank you.

Just love your diet newsletter! You tell it like is, even if we don't want to see ourselves for what we really are. Oh, so truthful.

This was my first diet ezine and I just loved it! Very forthright and honest, with no sugar-coating. We all need to hear the truth so we can get a "real" look at our diet problems and hopefully make right diet choices to be the best person that we can. Thank you Toot, very much!

I love and look forward to my Toot weight loss message! I am 28 and 195 lbs., the most I have ever been. Even when I was pregnant I was not this heavy. I am changing my life. I get discouraged at not seeing a weight loss but I am not giving up! I read your message today and as I read I checked off the things I do... I just want to say thanks, everyone needs good diet advice like this to keep motivated.

Just love your diet newsletter! You tell it like is, even if we don't want to see ourselves for what we really are. Oh, so truthful.

I LOVE your diet letter! It shows up in my e-mail JUST when I need that little extra diet boost! I've lost 20 pounds weight since Easter this year. I feel SO much better! And, I'm looking forward to losing the last 15-20 pounds that have snuck up over the last 20 years. I'd LOVE to see more diet-recipe ideas (like the fruit in the salad one from the last e-zine) or hints for preparing health foods... THANKS, Toot! I'm recommending your diet ezine to all my friends!

Your weight loss newsletter is the most sensible, ad-free, humorous, logical and informative newsletter I've ever read about weight loss/dieting. Keep up the good work and don't change a thing!

Very good diet advice. I have been a weight watcher for years and your diet information is right inline with the latest information.

Help! I can't find any back issues of your diet e-zine!!

Toot, your diet newsletter is like sitting in front of a friend, talking/jamming.

I really like the way you talk to people!

I just love your diet newsletter, it has so many good tips and helpfull diet advise.



Love it! Best diet motivation I've read!!!
Ms F

I Really like the fact that Toot gives you the tools to lose weight or change your diet, instead of just telling you to eat less, she gives examples of how to do that and how many calories you'll save. Its very motvational... I'm impressed.
Dr. B

Your diet newsletter is simply fantastic! It's humourous but informative and doesn't overload the reader with statistics or too much information. It's a nice surprise to get the e-mail and really helps my motivation to lose weight.

Your diet ezine manages to be light and serious at the same time, in a very carefully balanced dosage. I never get up tight when reading what is really a sensitive issue. Congratulations on a great sense of humor and thanks for all the diet tips!
Slouch T

Dear Toot, This is to say thank for the sensible and interesting encouraging diet advice in your newsletter. I have found my own diet situation described there all too often, but you never leave it at a bad place; you give a good solution and helpful and hopeful examples. I have been given a diet buddy, who is in Saskachewan, Canada! That is most interesting for a gal in Georgia, USA.

Today's diet email was just what I needed. After a great start with Weight Watcher's 4 wks and 8 lbs I have gotten really depressed and did not weigh in. Thanks for the wonderful diet support...

LUV this diet e-zine! I always look forward to getting it. It is always the first thing I open when I get my e-mail. I have recomended it to my diet buddy and all my friends. Keep up the great work TOOT!

Please do not stop writing. I LOVE your weight loss newsletter and it motivates me like nothing else. i've lost 20 pounds since following Toots advice.

i like the eat breakfast tip as ive never eaten breakfast in my life but since ive tried it ive actually lost weight ....mad! Thanks for your lovely diet tips.

Your diet Ezine is the most inspirational one I've ever come across.

Your diet newsletter is ACE!! It is SO helpful and SO motivating! I have never felt better, I have never looked better, and I am NEVER hungry! Brilliant weight loss advice!

A completely common-sense approach to maintaining weight and health... and so witty! I love to read Toot's Ezine!! This diet ezine is so witty so clever and always makes me laugh ... mostly because its all so true!

Just wanted to let you know that you have helped me to lose weight!!! I started a diet back on May 5th, well not officially until June 18th. It took me about a month to get motivated. Since then I have lost 54 pounds. I am 5 foot 4. I started at 218 and I am 164 now. I use a log to count my food. I have a picture of myself where I want to be on my cubicle with your quote: Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Slim!, I measure myself once a month and weigh once a week. Exercise twice a day for 45 minutes each. When I am down or hit a weight loss plateau your diet letters bring me back to reality! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I get super motivated and a large chuckle every time I read your diet email. It is great and I am so excited when I see it in my INBOX. I really needed it today. BRAVO TOOT!!!!
Mrs C

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