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Carbs, Diet and Cancer

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Carbs, Diet and Cancer

Supporters of low-carbohydrate diets claim that carbs raise blood sugar and insulin levels, a process that makes our bodies store more fat. They say it's better to stay away from grains and starches and instead fill up on animal protein and fat - foods that keep blood sugar low.

Low Carb Diets - Health - Cancer

But opponents of low carb diets maintain that the low-carb diet theory ignores the harmful effects that diets high in fat and protein have on our health. For example, they say that emphasising carb-reduction may reduce the disease-prevention benefits offered by whole grain carbs in our daily diet.

Whole Grains - Cancer Prevention Benefits of Carbs

Both whole and refined grains are high in carbohydrates. But whole grains do offer advantages. Whole grains contain all parts of the plant kernel, including the fiber-rich bran and the germ.

Refined grains are stripped of these nutritious components during milling. Eating refined grains can drive blood sugar levels up quickly, while the fiber in whole grains slows a rise in blood sugar.

Whole grains provide important nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant), and health-promoting phytochemicals like phytic acid and phytosterols. They form the foundation of a cancer-preventive, plant-based diet. Diets rich in whole grains also protect your health in other ways. The soluble fiber in whole grains like oats and barley may help lower blood cholesterol, and the insoluble fiber in whole wheat and bran helps keep the digestive tract healthy.

Carbs and Optimum Diet Health

To gain the health benefits of whole grains and starches:

1. Color your carbs. Replace white bread, white rice and white potatoes with whole grain bread, brown rice and sweet potatoes. Make sure dark colored bread is made with whole wheat flour, not just wheat flour and coloring.

2. Be adventurous. Try whole grains that are new to you. For example, add fiber-rich barley to soup, use bulgur or quinoa in a hearty grain salad, serve kasha (roasted buckwheat) instead of rice, or top a green salad with cooked wheat berries.

3. Extend your oats. Go beyond oatmeal for breakfast. Use quick or old-fashioned rolled oats (not instant) as some of the filler in home-baked muffins, cookies, and quick bread, or in meatballs or meatloaf.

4. Slow a sugar surge. Serve refined carbohydrates with high-fiber vegetables, a small amount of fat (preferably canola or olive oil), or a source of protein like fish, beans, poultry, or tofu. This will slow a rise in blood sugar.

Source: Waukon Standard

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